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Frame Architectural provides a full scope of services throughout all project phases including Pre Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Approvals, Construction Documentation & Administration. Services are tailored to meet any client requirements and time frames.

For further information on the types of services offered please see our detailed services below. If you would like to know more about the office, or have a potential project you want to discuss, please feel free to get in contact. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Detailed Services

While the drawings and documents for any architectural project will always vary depending on building type, scale, and project budget, a common design process and structure is adopted across all projects from the initial client meeting through to construction completion. This process is outlined below with each stage having the ability to be tailored to suit a specific project.

Pre-Design Phase

The Pre Design Phase simply involves an initial client meeting to discuss the project, establish scope, discuss aspirations, budget, constraints, and timeframes. This stage will involve the following:

– Design brief established.
– Site visit and meeting.
– Site Analysis conducted.
– Confirmation of scope and fees.
– Establishing a Client and Architect Agreement.

Concept Design Phase

Based upon work carried out in the Pre-Design Phase, and confirmation of scope and fees, drawings will be prepared to demonstrate the overall building concept regarding form, siting and spatial planning. Drawings may be in the form of:

– Hand drawn sketches and plans
– Diagrams
– Digital Models
– Physical Models
– And any other material which demonstrates and illustrates design intention and overall architectural concept.

Schematic Design Phase

This stage involves the building concept being more accurately drawn enabling greater indication of spatial sequencing and sizes, overall refinement of concept, and demonstration of potential construction types and methods. The Schematic Design phase will typically involve:

– Production of CAD Plans & 3D modelling outputs.
– Consultant input if required.
– Town planning advice if required.
– Preliminary material and finishes selections provided.

Development Application

Dependent on the project, a Development Application may need to be submitted for approval by local Council ensuring the design fits within, and complies with planning regulations. This will include:

– Producing a specific set of DA drawings for approval.
– Consultation with a Town Planner who will prepare a specific report to accompany the architectural drawings.
– Co-ordination with Town planning documents and any other consultant documents, integral to the approval process.

Design Development

After the Project has been granted Development Approval, the approved design is further developed and refined with greater detail and accuracy. This will involve:

– Consultant appointment if this has not already happened.
– Consultant input and coordination.
– Fixtures, fittings, and materials schedules prepared.
– Preliminary construction details prepared.
– Continued refinement of design aesthetic, and its construction.
– Seeking preliminary costing estimates if required.

Building Approval

Before commencing project construction, the design will need approval from a building certifier to ensure the project is compliant with all necessary building codes and standards. This will involve:

– Providing a detailed set of drawings which demonstrates all building elements and components meet the requirements of the National Construction Code, and Australian Standards.
– Final co-ordination of consultants’ documents.
– Finalising all materials, fixtures and fittings schedules.
– Preparation of drawings and documents for pricing process and subsequent construction.

Contract Administration

This stage will involve assisting the client during the construction phase of the project from the selection of a Contractor to final building completion. This stage generally requires:

– Preparation of contract documents.
– Providing contract advise and selection.
– Administration through the Tender Period.
– Liaising with Contractors during the Tender Period.
– Providing post tender assessment and advice.
– Finalising contract signing.
– Administering the contract during construction.
– Visiting site and conducting inspections in accordance with the building contract.

It is recognised that every project, and every client is different. The office is flexible, and can modify project scope to suit varying needs and requirements.